Camp Matziv started as an idea – to create a summer experience like none other, where every camper has the space to grow and thrive. Seeking to fill a growing need in the frum community for more summer camps, we sought out the best people in the industry to bring our vision to life. Our staff of handpicked Bnei Torah from yeshivos across the country bring with them a rich and diverse wealth of knowledge and experience in the chinuch and camping worlds. Brought together by a belief that every child deserves a summer experience that meets his individual needs and gives him a chance to shine, our staff lives Torah in every aspect of their lives and serves as role models to our campers for the summer and beyond. Learn more about our staff here.

Our campers also come from a variety of yeshivos across the country, each with their own unique strengths, skills, and interests. Camp Matziv is committed to nurturing each individual in the way that is best for him in a wholesome environment based on Torah values. A wide range of activities, including a variety of sports, boating and water sports, horseback riding, workshops, and so much more, allow our campers to find the activities they most enjoy, as well as challenge themselves in new and exciting pursuits. The expansive grounds offer countless opportunities for fun and adventure, and the beautiful woods and pristine lake inspire a deep sense of wonder and appreciation for niflaos haboreh. Learn more about our grounds here.

Above all, Camp Matziv is deeply committed to utilizing all the resources at our disposal to ensure that our campers have a fun, meaningful, and enriching summer. Our small size and midwestern feel create a unique space for cherishing and encouraging each of our campers in the way that is best suited to him. We hope that the friendships, personal growth, and spiritual connection that our campers build with us accompanies them at the end of the summer and helps them flourish throughout not just the next school year, but the rest of their lives.

Please see our FAQ for more information and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any other questions, comments, or concerns.